Stage III of IX Stages of Purification, Wind Quintet

Dear Guests,

Welcome. Today's Muse Echo continues the discussion about the IX Stages of Purification by focusing on Stage III, which I've titled "CLOUDS". (Next week's Muse Echo will discuss Stage IV.)

To reiterate, and go a bit more in depth....I first heard this music in a dream, an extraordinary dream, where I met a woman from hundreds of years in the future right after what civilization refers to as "The IX Great Stages of Purification". I heard the music all at once in layers. In the first few stages of this quintet, I isolate the layers clearly. Stage III focuses on the layer regarding the air, sky and clouds in what I understand/intuit to be the third stage in the IX Great Stages...

The dream starts out in an airplane. The woman from the future and I are in a plane flying high above the earth. The setting felt like a real yet fabricated stage set up in the dream realm for the purpose of communicating to me in a way I could understand. She wished to share with me a sense of earth, humanity and share with me music. I see her and her face vividly. She is all golden - clear amber golden eyes, golden brown hair, golden tan skin. She is breathtakingly beautiful. It was my silent understanding that she was the shaman and that all people alive at the time shared a similar all golden appearance.

During the great council, many things were discussed and decided. The priorities were to learn from the past in order to achieve lasting world peace plus reclaim and maintain global health in order to survive, thrive, and achieve love, harmony and beauty for real.

The shaman and I jumped out of the airplane together and fell for a long time to earth. The air was clear and clean and blue. The sky was astonishingly beautiful. (There is more to the be continued in future blogs.)

There was a time before this experience when the sky was different. The smell, color and texture of the sky was undergoing changes during the IX Stages....I devoted stage III, to this aspect of the IX stages. Stage III being a time of a great awakening to humanity to experience this pervasive change in the air and sky all around the surface of the earth so that it was necessary for humans still living at that time, to transform to a new way of living.

This Stage is so significant, I focused on purely the sky. The wind quintet is perfect to express this Stage of what I intuited to happen as one of the layers I heard in the dream. This motif of sustained clusters returns in subsequent movements.

I hope you will enjoy the rich harmonies and sense of time and space I worked to achieve, to the best of what was my present abilities.

Interested persons can email me with questions about this work, or hire me to coach, lecture or be a guest artist regarding deepening understanding of my composition, translating dreams into art, or developing the artist within in creative ways. Interested persons can also commission me to write new wind quintets or other works solo up to chamber orchestras.

Thank you for your interest. The wind quintet,  IX Stages of Purification, can be heard on the listen page ... it's possible to scroll down to hear just the 3rd stage.

Musically yours,