Being in the sky

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Freya's Friday, where the focus is about cultivating the artist within via practices and/or philosophies.

This week's practice takes last weeks practice a step further. To reiterate, last week's practice was to look up at the sky 3 different times a day and to check in/observe your emotional state before, during and after doing so.

This week's practice is to do that again - only be conscious of the fact that you are in the sky. If you consider that all air above the ground is sky - then you are in the sky. If you think that the sky starts above a certain height above the ground - well - just imagine for the purposes of this exercise, it starts where the ground is no longer solid (to our perception).

I hope you will enjoy, and feel free to email me with your experiences if you wish!, subject Being in the sky

Remember, I can be a guest lecturer and/or coach as well as compose a unique commission of music.

Wishing all a truly lovely week.
Thank you for your interest.
Best wishes,