About Stage II of 2nd Wind Quintet: IX Stages of Purification

Dear Guests,

Welcome back. Today's Muse Echo blog continues the story of the IX Stages of Purification in where I write about creative process and what I was thinking in Stage II.

I composed this quintet because of a dream I had. In this dream, a woman from hundreds of years in the future contacted me to show me the earth and humanity after the IX Great Stages of Purification. I heard this music in the dream, then developed it with my imagination while customizing it as a gift for quintetto ANEMOS, after we worked together on my first quintet.

I heard all of the music of this quintet at once - as if it were downloaded in a zip file! Part of the challenge was to discern layers of sound and decide when and how to separate and overlap, and interweave them.

In Stage II, I isolate some rhythmic ideas which represent motion of migration. I get the feeling that a lot of migration of all kinds happens in Stage II. Multi life, weather, species, elemental migration because, water, earth, air, and fire changing directions themselves and all life is influenced by that. Life adapts and changes. Basically the earth map shifts so most have to move. Stage II is moving - geologically.

A couple of the quintet members are runners so I just embraced the rhythm of running and played with that. I wanted to keep a feeling of hope and just avoided the panic and distress button since I had seen the light at the end of the tunnel before hearing the history that preceded Stage II. I am a messenger of hope! That YES - in several hundred years, the earth and humanity will still exist, albeit in a different way than today. Amazing and life changing dream for me to have. I feel as if I was truly contacted by a shaman of the future. 

So if you listen to Stage II, you'll hear repeated quarter and eighths notes representing running, and shifts of being harmonically. You'll hear moments of triple rhythm dance, because shift happens and life is a dance. Everything gives us reason to dance in some way. It's also a reminder to keep one's chin up and embrace each day while maintaining elegance and sweetness - a good nature in disposition. Night is darkest before the dawn - remember that this story ends well. Have courage! All is not lost even when it may seem so.

Simply visit the LISTEN page on this site, and scroll down to STAGE II of IX Stages of Purification to hear:  http://composerkjp.com/listen/
Thanks for your interest.
P.S. (As an artist, coach, and/or lecturer in residence, I can go more in depth about the dream and the process of composing from dream the state - in a customized way in order to be relevant to the students/ensemble/audience.)