Gorgeous long tone octave study: Oboe Brilliance vol.3 # 4

Dear Oboists and Oboe teachers,

Welcome to the 3rd generation of Oboe Brilliance coaching blogs, which is for both oboe students and teachers.

Today's coaching session continues with colorful long tones and slurs specifically in creating gorgeous octaves.

With excellent posture, exhale, inhale and:
1) Imagine the sound of lowest C on the oboe and hum it then slur to sing the note on the solfége syllable DO, then end by slurring to hum the note again.
2) relax and repeat step one
3) play low C on your oboe for 10 seconds
4) hum low C then slur to hum the C an octave above (feel how your head vibrates)
5) play low C for 5 seconds then play the C an octave above via 1/2 hole - so you are simply allowing the overtone to sing, for 5 seconds
6) relax and repeat step 5
7) relax and repeat step 5 - again with the variation of making each note 5 seconds longer
8) relax and repeat step 7 - making each note 15 seconds each
9) repeat this pattern steps 1 - 8 with the note D and sing RE - only lip the higher octave don't use 1/2 hole

It helps to remember that an octave higher IS an overtone of a lower note, even if it is fingered differently to sound clearer. To help create a smooth octave slur, I find it helps to think of it as the same note - but you're just allowing the overtone which already exists in the lower note, to come forward within the warmth and support of the lower note.

Application: there are times when the 3rd space C sounds more fitting if the overtone of low C is used instead of the 1/1 fingering. For example, sometimes Telemann uses a sustained 3rd space C to begin a slow movement and it sounds so much warmer to play it with the low C overtone.

Enjoy your oboe playing!
Musically yours,
P.S. (SKYPE sessions by prepaid appointment are available to study these Oboe Brilliance coaching techniques and oboe music I've composed. Feel free to email with any questions.)