Kathryn J. Potter

Welcome to Oboe Brilliance where you can listen, commission, and click links to buy original oboe music composed by founder, Kathryn J. Potter; oboe student since 1974, oboe teacher since 1992 and internationally recognized/published composer of oboe music since 2012.

Oboe Brilliance is devoted to increasing the level of joy in the universe via life long oboe playing. Founder K.J.P.  is devoted to the perpetual creation of oboe pedagogy and repertoire for the oboists of today and tomorrow, all ages, all skill levels, where ever the oboe is played.

Passionate oboe lovers and sponsors of the creative class, can commission Kathryn to compose music for oboe solo and up to small chamber ensemble for voices, keyboards, string, brass and percussion instruments found in Western Classical music. She is of the composing lineage of Darius Milhaud and was the first female composition student of Karel Husa.  Kathryn was mentored by oboist Lois Wann in N.Y.,  primarily but also studied with Michael Winfield in London, England. She is an alumna of the S.F. C. of M. where she studied oboe with Marc Lifshey and composition with Elinor Armer.

She is inspired by the natural world which she believes contains and expresses the sacred. K. Potter is presently composing her 3rd wood wind quintet in her Asheville, N.C. sanctuary.

Oboists of any age and ability may request to study with Kathryn in person at the Oboe Brilliance Studio or internationally via SKYPE. Ms. Potter can be a visiting artist in residence to perform/coach her musical works and share her teaching philosophies. Her next appointment as a performer/coach is in Paris, 2019. details TBA.

Kathryn has a rare gift of helping musicians connect emotionally to the written page and to find their own unique musical voice to express with meaningful pleasure.

Kathryn J. Potter's oboe music has become curriculum in some Parisian conservatories and her music is studied by oboists in all continents the oboe is played. Her music has been described as unique, primeval, and mysterious. Oboists of different ages, skill levels and nationalities have expressed the experience of playing her music as a spiritual experience.


Her mental control and emotional intensity astound me. ….
— Marc Lifschey (1985) San Francisco, CA
Kathy is one of the most expressive musicians I’ve met in my life. She could make a stone weep!
— Lois Wann (1996) Bronxville, N.Y.
What angel has fallen to earth to grace us with the sound of heaven? Oh my, it’s K.J. Potter with her oboe.
— Michael Winfield (1984) Surrey, England