Kathryn J. Potter

Welcome to Oboe Brilliance which is devoted to increasing the level of joy in the universe via life long oboe playing!  Founded in 2010 by Kathryn .J. Potter, with her philosophy that the ultimate purpose of art is to increase the ability to love, combined   with the quest of "Know Thyself" are the driving purposes behind all the compositions, pedagogy, essays and performances of Oboe Brilliance.  Ms. Potter is devoted to the perpetual creation of both the oboe pedagogy and repertoire for oboists of all ages, and skill levels, where ever the oboe is played.

Here, guests can listen, study, commission, and click links to buy select original oboe music composed by founder, Kathryn J. Potter; oboe student since 1974, oboe teacher since 1992 and internationally recognized/published composer of oboe music since 2012.

Passionate oboe lovers and sponsors of the creative class, can commission Kathryn to compose music for oboe solo up to chamber ensemble, or sponsor work from the Muse's Wish List. 

K. Potter is presently composing a ballet " Five Sacred Sound and Silence Sculptures"  scored for septet, WW5tet plus harp and cello, and a second quartet for 4 oboes.

 Her next appointment as a performer/coach is another return to Paris, France in 2019. details TBA. (On the listen page, guests can hear the premiere of Ms. Potter's 2nd wood wind quintet performed by Quintetto Anemos at the Italian Consulate, in Paris, France during her last visit, in celebration of international women in music, where Oboe Brilliance founder was recognized.)

Below are quotes from Ms. Potter's renowned oboe mentors, back in the day.


Her mental control and emotional intensity astound me. ….
— Marc Lifschey (1985) San Francisco, CA
Kathy is one of the most expressive musicians I’ve met in my life. She could make a stone weep!
— Lois Wann (1996) Bronxville, N.Y.
What angel has fallen to earth to grace us with the sound of heaven? Oh my, it’s K.J. Potter with her oboe.
— Michael Winfield (1984) Surrey, England