Kathryn J. Potter

Dear Guest,

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Kathryn J. Potter and I founded Oboe Brilliance in order to share my original music, philosophies and teachings for the oboe, with oboists of all ages, and skill levels world wide.

At age 3, when I heard the oboe for the first time, I cried. After waiting 5 long years until I was barely big enough to (finally) start playing, I began playing. Now, after playing for over 40 years, and teaching over 20, I mostly compose for oboe solo - and oboe within chamber music.

Here, you can:
listen to select music,
read blogs,
click links to buy the first 7 books for oboe and my first wood wind quintet,
commission a new work or sponsor works in progress.

I can be a visiting artist/performer/lecturer/coach to share my music, teachings and philosophies of musical creating, teaching, performing and studying.

Works in progress are my 3rd wood wind quintet,  (you can hear WW5tet #2 on the listen page), a collection of solo oboe Aubades, and now, a project for solo oboe "100 Longings", inspired by the poet Rumi.  Sponsorship and commissions are welcome as they enable me to continue my work of sharing the oboe love world wide to young, old, new to the oboe and mature masters alike.

Below are quotes from my oboe teachers back in the day...
Thank you for your interest!
Best regards,
Kathryn J. Potter


Her mental control and emotional intensity astound me. ….
— Marc Lifschey (1985) San Francisco, CA
Kathy is one of the most expressive musicians I’ve met in my life. She could make a stone weep!
— Lois Wann (1996) Bronxville, N.Y.
What angel has fallen to earth to grace us with the sound of heaven? Oh my, it’s K.J. Potter with her oboe.
— Michael Winfield (1984) Surrey, England