Kathryn J. Potter

Composer with oboe specialty

Welcome to Oboe Brilliance,  devoted to global, life long, oboe playing enrichment, with equal emphasis on both technical and imaginative advancement.

Guests are invited to:
listen, commission, study and perform the growing oboe pedagogy and/or repertoire including the oboe, created by founder Kathryn J. Potter.

Visit published works page, to find the right book to purchase and where for your oboe playing interests. Right now there are solos of various levels, duets, and a quartet, plus a WW5tet to choose from. Some are now included in conservatory curriculum and oboe studio favorites to enjoy!

Visit commission page to request to commission a new work for oboe solo up to and including concerto with full orchestra.

Visit listen page to hear a couple select etudes from the first book published "In Adoration of the Earth", or the second WW5tet composed for Quintetto Anemos, at the premiere performance in 2015, celebrating international women in music, at the Italian Consulate in Paris, France.

Visit Learn page to read blogs, or request international SKYPE, artist in residence, or in person coaching.


Her mental control and emotional intensity astound me. ….
— Marc Lifschey (1985) San Francisco, CA
Kathy is one of the most expressive musicians I’ve met in my life. She could make a stone weep!
— Lois Wann (1996) Bronxville, N.Y.
What angel has fallen to earth to grace us with the sound of heaven? Oh my, it’s K.J. Potter with her oboe.
— Michael Winfield (1984) Surrey, England