Kathryn J. Potter

Welcome to the website of Kathryn J. Potter, founder of Oboe Brilliance, b. 1965 in N.Y., an independent composer with an oboe and wind specialty.

Ms. Potter can be commissioned to compose for oboe solo and up within chamber music and/or be a visiting coach, lecturer, or performer of her works.



Her mental control and emotional intensity astound me. ….
— Marc Lifschey (1985) San Francisco, CA
Kathy is one of the most expressive musicians I’ve met in my life. She could make a stone weep!
— Lois Wann (1996) Bronxville, N.Y.
What angel has fallen to earth to grace us with the sound of heaven? Oh my, it’s K.J. Potter with her oboe.
— Michael Winfield (1984) Surrey, England