Oboe Brilliance

Oboe Brilliance, founded in 2010, celebrates life long oboe playing JOY with the unique musical compositions and teachings of Oboe Brilliance Founder, Kathryn J. Potter, an independent composer with an oboe specialty.
Oboe Brilliance has two arms.
Arm one is devoted to creating, providing, and teaching new original pedagogy for oboists of all levels, world wide.
Arm two is devoted to creating, providing, teaching and performing new musical repertoire for solo oboe - and up to including oboe within chamber music, wind ensembles, with voices, keyboard, guitar, chamber orchestra, and up to full orchestra.

Here you can:
1) Discover the 8 books of music presently available for oboists of all playing levels on the PUBLISHED WORKS page. (Available for purchase in Europe or in the States - shipped world wide.)
2) COMMISSION, a new work! For yourself, as a gift, in loving memory, or as a great patron/matron of music to add to the oboe family repertoire for solo oboe - up to and including partial or full orchestra as well as keyboard instruments, voices and classical guitar.
3) Study, learn, perform and enjoy the music and teachings of Oboe Brilliance either via SKYPE internationally, in person on site in the Asheville, N.C. sanctuary, or via artist in residence with founder, Kathryn J. Potter. Visit LEARN page to read blogs.
4) LISTEN to the premiere performance of the IX Stages of Purification, Wood Wind Quintet # 2 and 2 select progressive etudes from the book "In Adoration of the Earth" .
5) CONTACT founder Kathryn J. Potter to study via SKYPE, study privately, to commission new music, or to invite to be a guest artist and/or lecturer.